Announcing Hack+Events

We’re here to help you run the event of your dreams.

What if there was an easy way for anyone to start their own hackathon?

Hack+ began with the idea of making it easier for students to start their own businesses and nonprofits. As we began working on our programs, we realized that student-run events, especially hackathons, are generally run just like a nonprofit or startup.

However, most events lack a real legal/financial structure, and high school hackathons organized by minors run into all kind of age-related legal issues. So we got thinking: what if we could take event organization, and make it easy for anyone, anywhere, and of any age to start a hackathon?

Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work to answer that question with a new program that we’re excited to be announcing today: Hack+Events. Whether you want to organize a hackathon, talk, or any other event, Hack+Events will provide you with legal and financial resources to help you run your event.

How exactly does this work? In simplest terms, think of the program as a framework for your event. You come with a vision, and we provide you with the resources and legal backing to help you easily turn your vision into a reality.

In legal terms, we’re providing you with a fiscal sponsorship to help make your event happen. This means our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status is extended to your event, allowing you to accept tax-deductible donations, and Hack+ takes care of your finances and most paperwork. But that’s not all — we also provide a plethora of benefits to make your life easier as an event organizer:

  • Our newly-built event management portal, which helps you take care of normally painful things like sponsor invoicing, finance management, online waiver management, food planning, scheduling, and more
  • Event equipment (like walkie-talkies, power strips, etc.)
  • G Suite, giving you access to all Google services like Gmail and Google Drive at your event’s custom domain
  • High-performance servers for hosting event websites/apps
  • … and more!

We’re incredibly proud to announce our program with some of the most amazing student-run events already on board:

Interested in starting your own event? Read more about our program here.

We’re even more excited to introduce Areeta Wong, our new Director of Event Management! Feel free to reach out to me or Areeta with any questions or comments about the program :)

Our team is incredibly excited to work with students like you to launch the next generation of student-run events.

We’re ready to push your event to the next level. Are you?

Hey there! Here at Hack+, we’re always on the lookout for interesting new people to join our team. If you love what we’re working on and want to join us in our mission of making it easy for students to start business, nonprofits, and events, say hello! :)

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